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Help Programming References

  • Programmer's Reference to WinHelp (last updated 2000-08-16, 731 Kbyte ZIP file) is a collection of WinHelp and Acrobat files created by Don Lammers, Paul O'Rear, and Alexander Halser containing reference materials for programmers trying to call WinHelp or trying to extend WinHelp functionality. Free.

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Connecting Help to Your Programs

Adding Functionality to Help

  • WinHelp Embedded Window Button Demo (last updated 2000-07-06, 79 Kbyte ZIP file) is a Help file which shows some of the functionality that you can add to WinHelp using DLLs.
  • Button Demo Source (last updated 2000-07-06, 296 Kbyte ZIP file) is the source for the button demo. Includes the DLL source (C++/MFC) and Help source.
  • Extra Tab for WinHelp 4 Help Topics Dialog Box is information and source code for creating extra tabs in the WinHelp 4.0 contents sheet. You will need Microsoft Visual C++ 4.0 or later to open the project workspace and to modify and compile the files, or another C++ program and the knowledge of how to adapt the files.

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Going Beyond Online Help

  • An Author Friendly Troubleshooting Wizard -- Peer Showcase demonstration of the HP CD-Writer Plus Toolbox by Don Lammers (from 2001 WinWriters conference).
  • Multimedia Viewer 2.0 is no longer supported by Microsoft, but still in use for creating multimedia content. It is a self contained environment like WinHelp, and does not need to be hosted by an application.
  • MediaView 1.4 is an embeddable control which was to be the next generation multimedia engine for Microsoft (until they switched to HTML). It requires a hosting shell in a programming language that supports ActiveX controls. The "Author Friendly Wizard" was created using Visual Basic and MediaView.
  • MediaView 1.3 is the first real version of the MediaView control to be distributed. The link is included here for anyone who is doing legacy support and needs the older version.

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