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Help Bugs and FAQ

  • WinHelp 4.0 Unofficial Bug and Anomaly List (last updated 2000-05-25, 33 Kbytes) is a collection of WinHelp 4.0 and Help Workshop bugs and other issues originally compiled by Steve Pruitt and subsequently maintained by William Meisheid, Mary Deaton, and now Don Lammers. It is not, in any way, an official bug list. Free.
  • WinHelp FAQ File (Word format - 68K) - Charlie Munro's excellent WinHelp FAQ file in Word format. Free.
  • WinHelp FAQ File (Help format - 98K) - Charlie Munro's excellent WinHelp FAQ file in WinHelp format (converted using Doc-To-Help). Free.
  • WinHelp FAQ File (Help format - 61K) - Charlie Munro's excellent WinHelp FAQ file in WinHelp format (converted using RoboHelp). Free.

Other References

  • Using WinHelp 4.0 Under Win32s (last updated 1996-02-09, 9 Kbytes) is a compilation of everything I have learned to date about using WinHelp 4.0 under Windows 3.1x with Win32s. Free. View this file
  • Custom WinHelp Macros for Non-Programmers - Paul Arnote's winhelp guide to accessing Windows API functions directly from WinHelp files. Shows you how to work with the Windows API directly from 16-bit WinHelp, without creating DLLs. Note: For 32-bit Windows, many of the API functions simply add an "A" to the end of the 16-bit function name. You can look up the 32-bit versions of the Windows API functions in A Programmer's Reference to WinHelp by Don Lammers and Paul O'Rear.

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