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Utilities by Shadow Mountain Tech

Help Link Tester

Lets you trigger context sensitive topics without the app. Just drop a WinHelp or HTML Help file on the Help Tester and start opening topics. It gets the allowed windows from the project file if it's in the same folder as the help file, or if you drop it on the tester when the help file is selected. You can memorize the topic numbers and target windows in each help file you drop, so you don't have to guess at numbers once you've done this. No online help yet. No guarantees. But it's free.

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Window Tracker

Lets you see window information including the window handle, class, and extent, of the current foreground window or the window under a target. Similar to the Find Window function of Spy++ except can also track the current foreground window. No guarantees, but it's free.

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Expandable Table of Contents for WinHelp 3.1

A set of programs that lets you create an expandable table of contents for WinHelp 3.1 that reads WinHelp 4.0 .cnt files. It is disabled in Windows 95 so that the standard WinHelp 4.0 Help Topics dialog can take over. Requires VBRUN300.DLL in addition to the included files. For notes and bug reports, click here. Version 1 and 2 are no longer available from this page. If for some reason you need copies of these, please contact Don Lammers directly.

Version 3.3 (1998-02-13, 207 Kbytes) Can print multiple files directly from the contents sheet. Can now call the contents sheet directly from a program, rather than calling WinHelp. Can now have multiple help contents files open at the same time. There will still only be one help file because of the way WinHelp works. Added ResizeWindowIf (resizes the window only if the topic is in the correct window) and ResizeForceWindow (forces the topic into the correct window and resizes it). Split resizing DLL off from contents DLL due to memory conflict issues. Added French and German UI elements. Requires changes in help files that use version 1 or version 2. Optional changes from files using version 3.0. Free.

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Wrapping Alphabetic Buttons

A set of bitmap buttons (A through Z) for glossary topics. Since each character is a separate button, they will wrap properly when the glossary window is resized. Includes an.rtf file with the entire heading made up, including jumps. The WinHelp 4.0 version includes both bitmap and real buttons. Free.

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